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Casa Generalizia- La Salle Wordwide

Branding design for Casa Generalizia, La Salle organization Headquarters in Rome, Italy

Casa Generalizia is the house of the La Salle worldwide directors. Its a symbol for this organization that has a presence in more than 80 countries.

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They came to us with an idea in mind: they wanted to make the house a symbol for all the Lasallian in the world, saying that "Casa Generalizia” was the house that welcomes everybody and where important decisions are made. They ask us for a clean and powerful design, that could be used in several applications. We took their beautiful "palazzo" and turn it into a logo that reflects the values of La Salle.

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"The best thing about Studio Tret is their broad vision of design, of the implications of designing for multicultural environments and diverse contexts. They have offered me solutions beyond what I have asked them as a customer"
Alexander González
La Salle Org

Our approach

The iconic facade of Casa Generalizia was the main inspiration. Abstract the iconic lines to make it recognizable, even in the smallest of the applications, reinforced by a typography and color palette that become iconic as well
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350 years of La Salle history were taken in account. Several photographies and documents were studied to make a mood board with the most important aspects


First Sketches were made, with special attention to the crispness and clearness of the lines used. "It must be recognizable as the Casa Generalizia" was the main topic in this stage

Brand design

The logo was refined, color palettes were designed to match the typography and symbol. Test in different layouts and sizes

Brand strategy- Brand manual

The challenge was not only to make the logo but to support different uses that it will be part of thought years to come.
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