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Dimú- Brand identity for Oxford University Social Program

Dimú was a project of naming, branding and strategy for a social program from Oxford University

Dimú was a project located in Itagüí, Colombia, part of the PEAKUrban programme of Oxford University, England

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Dimú was born from the necessity to keep the cohesion between researchers thought COVID19 Pandemic. They are a group of women from the community of Itagui in Colombia, many of whom live in dangerous environments. The goal was to communicate that the project still goes on, even stronger, despite de pandemic, using naming, storytelling, gamification, and branding to communicate that the program was strongly backed by Oxford University

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"Studio Trët not only did a great job but became a key part of our research. Dimú would have not been the same without their commitment and effort"
Juan Pablo Orjuela
Oxford University

Our approach

To make a strong statement about the importance of the project, we have to take Dimú from the basics: Naming, Branding, assets, videos, etc.
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"Dimú" comes from the combination of two words, "diálogo" (dialogue) and "mujeres" (women). Could be interpreted as "Dí mu" (Say "moo") in opposition to a typical expression used in spanish-speaking countries


We have to ask and research for local expressions, in order to not only communicate well but resonate with the women in the research group

Graphic design

A vibrant and happy color palette was chosen to represent the ethos of the group. also, we take elements of Itagüí view and nature like the river and mountains

Video material

As part of the communications strategy, we make videos that they can share via WhatsApp, to stay informed about the updates of the project that Juan Pablo, the researcher from Oxford University is making from England
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